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Compliance for Private Limited Company/LLP/OPC

Once you register your Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership Firm, One Person Company or other registered under MCA law shall have to comply with Annual Compliance requirements. All companies need to file ROC and Income Tax related compliances to avoid late fees and penalties. There are certain sets of compliances during the year which is mandatory in nature. Avoidance of compliance shall attract penalty which can leads to mandatory closure of your company also. MCA has proscribed a set of law under Companies Act, 2013 through which is regulate companies registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Under the give law and applicable rules, these companies govern. You have to pay proper attention while doing your business. Otherwise you may occur losses in form of penalties.

Benefits of ROC Compliance of Private Limited/LLP/OPC

Here are certain benefits which you will get through Annual ROC Compliance as follows –

  • Better Credibility

    If you are having a company which is updated with its all ROC compliances, then you will not face any goodwill loss of company before any investor or other stakeholders.

  • No Penalty Attraction

    If you are complying with all requirements within due dates then you are safe and you do not have to bear any kind of penalty or hurdle while running your company.

  • Helps in Finance

    If you are having a company which is complaint, that will help you to present your business to other institution as ethical entity. This may help you in raising finance also.

  • Long way Going

    Company can survive in long run if your company is complaint with ROC’s and Income Tax’s requirement. It will not impact your business if you haven’t skip your ROC Compliance of Private Limited.

Process of ROC Filing for Private Limited Companies /LLP/OPC

  • Step 1

    Collect all transactional data of company during the financial year along with bank statement and provide to our expert.

  • Step 2

    Our Expert will discuss further things with companies’ executives and gather other required info.

  • Step 3

    On the basis information provided to our executive, we will prepare all financials and prepare ROC documents.

  • Step 4

    After preparation and due verification of all records prepared, our team will file it with respective departments for approval purpose.

What Includes in Our Package?

We are having most exclusive package for ROC compliance for private limited company and others also –

  • Appointment of First Auditor – within 30 days from registration of company
  • Holding of Board Meetings and preparation of minutes
  • Filing of INC-20A within 180 days from registration of company.
  • Holding the Board Meeting
  • Drafting the notice of BM,
  • Preparing minutes thereof
  • Preparation of attendance sheets of the board meetings
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet, P & L Accounts, Audit Report, Director's Report, Extract of Annual Returns & Financial Statements.
  • Preparation & Filing of Form MGT -07 (Management Related Annual Return).
  • All Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Mandatory Compliance.
  • All Mandatory Statutory Compliance by Chartered Accountants (Certificate of Practice Holder).
  • All Mandatory Secretarial Compliance by Company Secretary (Certificate of Practice Holder).
  • End to End Business Advisory/Business Support Services by Highly Experienced/Qualified Chartered Accountants & Company Secretary.
  • Preparation of Minutes of Board Meeting.
  • Preparation of Minutes of AGM.
  • Income Tax Returns (Company).
  • Share Certificate (For All Share Holders).
  • Preparation of MPB-01 (Disclosure of Interest by Directors).
  • Preparation of DIR - 08 (Disclosure of Non-Disqualification by Directors).

Documents Required for ROC Annual Return Filing

You just need to submit some basic documents and information. Here are following documents which are required.

  • MOA and AOA of Company
  • COI of Company
  • Digital Signature of Directors
  • Bank Statement of Companies Account for Full Financial Year
  • Consent of Directors and members

Why ROC Compliance of Company?

We are an online panel rendering Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Advocates related service across India. We have a very strong panel of all these professionals who are supporting and advising thousands of startups in their business.


ROC Compliance filing is a mandatory record preparation with Ministry of Corporate Affairs as per the law of Companies Act, 2013. Maintenance of Companies record with MCA, called ROC Filing.
Connect with us to file all related to ROC and Income Tax compliances.
Government has prescribed different-different penalties for each compliances. For more details, call our professionals at 9625279785 – 92679941961.